Executive Director - Matthew (Matt) A. Hoy



Board of Directors


President - Dr. Stan Spacek
Past President - Dr. Lalit Krishna
Vice President and Treasurer - Dr. Tamra Steinmann
Board Member - Debbie Selkirk, NP-PHC

MVFHT Primary Health Care Providers 

At Maitland Valley FHT, we have two types of primary health care providers who perform medical assessments on patients as well as treat and manage their patients health needs. 



MVFHT Physicians

At the MVFHT, our Family Physicians provide continuous primary care to their rostered patients. Physicians will treat and help you to manage all of your medical conditions and health concerns.


Dr. S. Appavoo
Dr. M. Dawson
Dr. P. Gill
Dr. L. Krishna
Dr. M. Duckworth
Dr. S. Natuik

Dr. D. Neal

Dr. T. Nicolae
Dr. D. Noël

Dr. N. Rittenhouse
Dr. K. Spacek
Dr. S. Spacek
Dr. T. Steinmann
Dr. K. Treasurywala
Dr. H. Watson




Nurse Practitioners

At the MVFHT, our Nurse Practitioners also provide continuous primary health care to their patients. NP’s have advance knowledge and decision making skills in health assessment, diagnosis, medications, treatment and management. The NP’s work alongside our family doctors, to provide primary care to our patients.


Irene Brooks, NP-PHC

Stephanie Greenfield, NP-PHC
Kari Johnson, NP-PHC

Sue Leddy, NP-PHC

Sharon Moore, NP-PHC
Patricia Robinson, NP-PHC
Debbie Selkirk, NP-PHC


Allied Health Professionals

The Maitland Valley Family Health Team was incorporated in October 2006. Click on a team members name to learn more about their role at Maitland Valley Family Health Team.



Kate Jasper

Social Worker

Lynne Harris


Social Worker

Amber Riehl



Dr. E. Ross


Barbara Chisholm

RN Certified Diabetes Educator

Joan Hutton

Health Promoter

Amanda Beddow



Michael Ibrahim

Registered Nurses (RN) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPN)

The Registered Nurse and/or Registered Practical Nurse works together with primary health care providers in the provision of primary care for patients.  At the Maitland Valley FHT, Nurses work directly with the primary health care provider to provide health assessments, treatment and management of disease, education and advocacy, and collaboration with other health professional agencies.

Residents & Medical Students

The Maitland Valley Medical Centre is a teaching centre for the University Of Western Ontario School Of Medicine and collaborates with Medical Training Programs from other Universities. The Family Health Team of the Maitland Valley Medical Centre is committed to providing rural based medical education to 3rd and 4th year medical students and family practice residents. While receiving health care in clinic, you may receive care from one of the Medical Residents. We appreciate your continuing support as a patient of this program. They provide another source of service and sometimes the latest insights in Healthcare. Many resident Physicians have expressed highly positive feedback about their experiences in Goderich and this can lead to future physicians locating in the area. 



Referrals to any of the above allied health professionals can be made through your Physician or Nurse Practitioner.  If you would like to refer yourself to any of these professionals, please contact them directly to discuss the reasons pertaining to the referral.


Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratory

The laboratory services at the Maitland Valley Medical Centre are provided by Gamma-Dynacare, one of the largest medical laboratory services in Ontario.  Its parent company, LabCorp, is the second largest laboratory in North America and has the largest genetic focus in the world.  The MVMC lab is a collection site for Gamma-Dynacare, with collections couriered to the London testing facility twice daily (except Wednesdays and Fridays – shipped once per day).  Testing results are downloaded to doctors’ offices as soon as the testing results are finalized.   

Our lab technicians, ensure timely, accurate and customized delivery of numerous lab services necessary for good health care and health-related decisions.  They are very proud of the secure, reliable services they provide to meet patient needs… with a smile.  Please note that the lab technicians are not responsible for communicating testing results to patients.  Legally, only a primary care provider (physician, nurse practitioner or nurse) can communicate testing results.

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