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180 Cambria Road North
Goderich, ON N7A 4N8

Phone: 519-524-6060
Fax: 519-524-5225

(Important!  Please do not send personal medical or health information to this email address. The MVFHT will not
respond to emails containing personal health information.
Contact your physician's office directly. Thank you.)

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Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday*  8:00 am to 5:00 pm

*NOTE: Office is open at 8am by TELEPHONE 

DOORS open at 8:30am

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If you require immediate medical assistance, please go to your local emergency department.

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Executive Director 

Matthew (Matt) Hoy 

Phone: 519-524-6060 ext 240

Fax: 519-524-5225


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Doctors' Offices Direct Phone Numbers 

You may request accessibility accomodations when booking appointment.

Dr. Dawson 519-524-4909
Dr. Gill 519-524-8607
Dr. Krishna 519-525-7576
Dr. Duckworth 519-524-7802
Dr. Nicolae 519-524-1854
Dr. K. Spacek 519-524-6833
Dr. S. Spacek 519-524-6833
Dr. Steinmann         519-612-1056
Dr. Natuik 519-524-7586
Dr. Noel 519-524-7586
Dr. Peel 519-524-5761
Dr. Watson 519-524-6833



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